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Roblox Remove Character. Description The RemoveCharacter Player function removes the player’s character It also clears the player’s Backpack and PlayerGui This is useful when you would like to temporarily remove a player’s character To reload a players character after using this function simply use the Player/LoadCharacter function ##Note.

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All built in string library functions can be seen here The one you’re looking for is stringgsub(string s string pattern Variant repl)The description reads Returns a copy of s in which all (or the first n if given) occurrences of the pattern have been replaced by a replacement string specified by repl which can be a string a table or a function gsub also returns as its.

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Remove the ROBLOX chat character limit! As some of you know or may not know the moderators of ROBLOX has implemented a character limit for chat The limit is somewhere around 1200 character ( not exact though ) The problem with this feature is it basically disables the ability to chat very long scripts in a script builder.

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For Player Player/Character|Characters this will remove all hats and other accessories This function removes Accessory|Accessories by calling Instance/Destroy on them This means the Instance/Parent|Parents of the accessories are set to nil and locked See also To attach an Accessory use the Humanoid/AddAccessory function.

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Code Samples PlayerCharacterRemoving This example prints the name of the character being removed followed by “has died” For instance if Shedletsky’s character was to die ingame “Shedletsky has died” would be printed.

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